L-P-C Créations

We are very pleased to be able to stock a selection of Hand crafted, Unique everyday Items.


Assorted wine stoppers Wooden Calendar Note Holder  
Assorted Key Rings €3.95
Assorted Wine Stoppers 8.95.
Wooden 40 year Calendar 8.95.
Wooden Note Holders 3.95.
Black Bag Blue Bag DarkBlue Bag    
Patchwork Shopper 22.00.
Patchwork Bag 27.00.
Patchwork Bag 27.00
Olive Apron Red Apron Tissue Holders    
Hand Stitched Olive Design Apron --- €10.00.
Hand Stitched Red Hearted Apron --- €10.00.
Tissue Holder €3.95
Wooden Pens Assorted Pens      
Hand Crafted Olive Pen 15.00.
Assorted Acrylic Pens 15.00